Here our story has begun. Story of Anastasya and me as family.

But Rasayana's story has begun in 1995, when my family decided to make here eco farm and guest house. Since that time we show our family traditions that we keep careful, we acquainte our guests from many countries with turkish hospitality, real soul of local people who lıve far from cities, natural life among mountains and forests.

5 years ago i have become Rasayana owner. I love this place, keep this beauty and power, feel its energy and thankfulness. I am very glad to open this space to eco or art ideas of Rasayana guests, turning their dreams in reality. Very soon already my son will appear in this world and open all for himself.

We hope you are certain to feel fresh life breathing, inspiration and power of nature here, to love this place as we love it.

We want your story to start here too. Story of travel, climber, nature researcher and just dreamer.

with love, Umit and Anastasya
Rasayana, guest house founders


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